Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Week in Review

This week I made a visit to Grocery Outlet in Everett because I heard about a couple of great deals that I wanted to take advantage of.  I haven't gone here much anymore because they do not accept coupons...but even without coupons ~ I saved 70% on the items above.  The Cajun Shrimp Alfredo meals...are amazingly good and fast to make. Plus they were buy 1/get 1 free which made them $1.00 a piece.  I am heading out again this weekend to try to get some more of these for the freezer. 

Total Paid: $15.08.  Total Saved: $34.84

Albertson's had double coupons this week.  I was able to purchase salsa for 50 cents each!  The salsa above normally costs $2.99 each but using a coupon with a sale...I got a great deal. 

Total Paid: $3.00  Total Saved: $11.94 ~ 80% Savings

Deal #2 at Albertsons.  This picante cost $3.99 each...but again, I paid 50 cents each!

Total Paid: $2.95  Total Saved: $15.71 ~ 84% savings

Walgreens has a good promotion going on.  Buy (4) Nature Valley Thins for $10.00 and get $5.00 Register Rewards (which acts like cash on a future purchase).  By using (4) 75 cents off coupons and getting back the $5.00 RR (register rewards) I esentially got each box for 50 cents.

Total Paid: $7.00/$5.00 RR earned   Total Saved: $10.16 ~ 88% factoring the RR 

Stocked up on some bread at the Franz Bread Outlet in North Everett.  It is hard to calculate how much I saved...and how much I spent because I lost the receipt and used cash to pay for it and cannot for the life of me remember what I paid.  But I know it was a good me!

On Friday I stopped by QFC and bought some SoftSoap for cheap.  While I was there, I picked up some blinkie coupons for some Kraft cheese that I am going to be using at Albertsons this weekend.

Total Paid: $3.09  Total Saved: $9.55 ~ 76% Savings

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