Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spending Very Little

Today there were Albertsons doublers in the paper!  By matching up sale items with coupons...and then doubling them ~ I was able to get some rock bottom prices.  Rock bottom is good because I have VERY little left of my monthly $250.00 budget.  The good news is that I have enough yogurt for us to live on for about an entire month!

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I dragged my favorite youngest daughter out to go shopping with me.  She has been home sick since Thursday and I wanted her to get some fresh air.  Unfortunately, she in turn made me regret that decision with her unappreciative attitude!  I actually felt sorry for her by the time we made it to Albertsons, Safeway, Fred Meyer and Winco...she was realllllly worn out.  On top of her attitude...snow was starting to fall pretty rapidly.  Wasn't it just six days ago I was out in my yard, without any heavy clothing, having a Spring Fever attack? in western Washington.

Today (Sunday) finds us with several inches of snow on the ground.  It is beautiful but I do not care to drive in it.  I felt bad asking my hubby to drive me to my Albertsons double couponing trip...but finally I couldn't stand it any longer!  At 7:00 pm I asked him to drive me and he actually pushed the cart through the store.  Thankfully couponing went smooth and I didn't have to cause him any couponing embarrassment!

Really needed to stock up on some dishwasher soap.
Retail: $11.03 Paid: $3.93 ~ 64% Savings

Next up ~ almost free toothpaste at Safeway!
Retail: $12.35   Paid $1.35 ~ 92% Savings

Albertsons Doubler #1
Retail: $11.07  Paid: $0  ~ 100% Savings!

Albertsons Doubler #2
Retail: $18.04  Paid: $1.00 ~ 94% Savings

And...Albertsons doubler #3
Retail: $14.69  Paid: $3.42  ~ 77% Savings

It took three separate transactions at Albertsons but I was able to purchase $43.80 worth of food and only paid $4.42...that is just amazing to me.

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