Friday, January 13, 2012

My Week in Review

The spring like weather is long gone and a cold front has moved in.  We are actually hearing the word "SNOW" in the forecast for the first time this winter.  I know that my kids would love to see some snow...I on the other hand, would rather be working in the yard. 

Here is my week in review.  It was a busy week with 2 volleyball games and fighting I did not get much couponing done.  The rumor is that Albertson's will have double coupons in the Sunday give couponing a try.  Find a coupon in the Sunday paper that interests you, clip an Albertson's double coupon (which will also be in the Sunday paper) and head to Albertsons.  Remember...Albertson's will only double up to $1.00; so if you have a 50 cent manufactuer coupon...with the double that coupon will be worth a $1.00.  If you have $1.00 manufacturer will be worth $2.00 when using the Albertson's doubler.  Easy peasy...start small and see if it works for you.

I took advantage of eggs and milk that were on sale at Walgreens.  I used $5.00 in Register Rewards that I earned last week and only had to pay $2.16 for all of this. 
Full Retail would have been $10.36 so I saved about 75 percent.

Next up ~ Rite aid.  Retail: $19.05, Paid: $4.92 ~ 76% Savings!

Tonight (1/13/12) this was our sunset...simply glorius.  As my mom has always said: "pink sky at night...sailers delight!"  Not often do we see a sunset this beautiful...
and on a Friday the 13th even!

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