Monday, May 28, 2012

My Garden Update

This year I have had to take the attitude of..."whatever happens, happens...when it comes to my garden.  My knee has prevented me from doing weekend gardening marathons.  I can usually putt around the yard for an hour or two but then I start to feel the ache in my knee.  I am getting quite creative in how I kneel down to plant...I just hope no one can see me because I am sure I look a bit foolish.

Today I planted some seeds that should have been put in the ground a couple of weeks ago...but again...whatever happens, happens!  Here is what I did:

Here is what I planted...another row of spinach ( I LOVE this spinach), corn (decorative), lettuce (I LOVE this particular lettuce blend as well), 1 row of carrots (by my broccoli), and some beets.

This bed has my garlic, onions, 5 strawberry plants, 3 blueberry plants,
spinach, lettuce, radishes and some peas.

This bed has a few more onions, a couple of miniature red pepper plants, broccoli, corn (decorative), beets and I planted some more lettuce and spinach behind the artichoke plant.

An entire bed of tomatoes ~ I started these all from seed.  I am curious to see how these do.  This location does not get a lot of sun though it gets lots of heat.  Our trailer is parked right along the side this bed so it blocks the sun.  I am crossing my fingers that I get tomatoes.

This smaller bed is FULL of pumpkins and gourds.  In the center is a giant pumpkin plant and surrounding that are mini pumpkins and gourds.  I am sure these will all cross-contaminate so this is an experimental planting!

Paid $15.04 for $80.65 worth of Groceries!

Happy Memorial Day!  We were lucky enough to spend a couple of nights on Whidby Island.  My hubby and I took our favorite youngest daughter to a drive-in movie...SO MUCH FUN!  The drive-in was in Oak Harbor and was the cutest place.  While waiting we rode go carts and enjoyed munching on 50 cent hotdogs.  We watched Men in Black III.  To be honest with you...I don't care what movie we would have watched...just being there was great and it was a "first" for Cassidy. 

I am slow getting this coupon blog written...but better late then never.  Last week I took advantage of Albertsons double coupons.  After not couponing for almost 8 felt good to get some grocery bargains.  It is very satisfying to pay only $15.04 for $80.65 worth of groceries ~ a 81% savings.  Here's what I bought:

Summer time is coming up...and we love our smores around here.  By utilizing a sale and using double coupons, I paid $2.94 for all 6 bags of marshmallows.  Full price was $13.14...77% savings.

I ran out of I was happy to see shampoo on sale ~ and have a coupon for it.  **There should be 3 candy bars in this picture. 
Retal: $9.83   Paid: $2.47  ~  74% Savings!

Retail: $5.87  Paid: $1.29  ~  78% Savings

and...6 more bags of marshmallows. 
Retail: $13.14  Paid: $2.94  ~  77% Savings

Yahoo...I am stocked back up with Sweet Baby Rays, our family favorite. 
Retail: $27.90  Paid: $3.90  ~  86% Savings!!!!!

I loves these for breakfast...add a piece of fruit and a cup of coffe
and I am good for a few hours.
Retail: $10.77  Paid: $1.50  ~  86% Savings!!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

7 weeks since the total knee replacement and every day life gets more back to normal...but I still don't get as much done in a day!  I am working full-time and doing more and more around the house but I am still frustrated that I don't have all my energy back. 

I am going to start couponing tomorrow...Albertson's is having double coupons!  I will post my buys later.

Here's what's been going on in my life lately:

My walla walla onion starts...they didn't get very big but I am
hoping that they still grow in the garden.

My first harvest...4 radishes!  I need to get some more planted. 
I am a bit behind in my gardening.

My hubby and my son-in-law.  We all went up to Lake Riley and they
were able to catch a couple of fish.  I on the other hand planted my
butt in my favorite reclining chair and soaked up all the sun!

Spinach salad tomorrow pretty does this look? 
I need to plant more of this too.

My garlic is looking good.

Here is one of my peonies...they are BEAUTIFUL this year! 
I have two of these in bloom right now and I just love looking at them.

An opportunity too good to pass up.  I had cornstarch on my hands
(from making some shortbread cookies) and my hubby was standing
there...and I just had to cop a feel!