Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spring Fever!

Today was a rare treat in the Pacific rain, a bit of blue sky showing and warmer than normal weather.  It was time to do some cleaning in the backyard. 

I cleaned these two vegetable beds out.  I added some Starbucks coffee grounds, dead leaves and some blood meal. I am not sure if this combination will help the soil...but I don't think it can hurt.

I then raked and raked and raked.  It took a good hour and I pretty much filled up the bin...but it looks good!

I am a little nervous that my flowering cherry tree is loaded up with's only January.  Note...see that beautiful blue sky?

My hydrangea's are budding as well; it's still winter!  It has been too warm and things are budding too early
...I think.

The artichoke plant my mom gave me last year is still looking good. 
I heard that these are a we will see how it goes.

Blueberry plants.  I only have three so far, but want to get some more.

48 garlic plants that I put into the ground last fall...
should they be sprouting already?

The strawberry plants still look okay.  I want more of these too.

After working in the yard for a couple of hours...I had fun practicing some volleyball moves with my favorite youngest daughter.  Tomorrow she has a game...I love game days!

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