Saturday, January 21, 2012

Couponing This Week

This week I used up a Rite Aid UP reward, a Rite Aid rebate check and a $5.00 coupon from Albertsons...which helped to streeeettttch my budget.  I did go over my budget but it shouldn't be too much ~ only a week and a half left...and I am counting down the days.

Fred Meyers ~ Tuna
Retail: $3.16   Paid: $1.36 ~ 57% Savings

Rite Aid ~ 3 gallons of milk and dishwashing soap
Retail: $12.06  Paid: $0  ~  100% Savings!

Albertsons ~ 2# cheese, sour cream and popcorn
Retail: $10.77  Paid: $5.77  ~  46% Savings

I might need a couple more gallons of milk and a bit of veggies but other than that...I shouldn't need anything else to get through the month.  We have not had a paycheck since December I am pretty amazed that I have stretched my budget for this long. 

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