Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Double Coupon Deals

Even though the ground is covered in snow...I sweetly asked my hubby to drive me to Albertsons again to take advantage of the last day of double coupons. went smoothly and I did not cause any embarrasement to my hubby..hahaha!

(3) Ken's Salad Dressing
Retail: $12.87  Paid: $0 ~ 100% Savings!

(3) Barilla Penne Pasta
Retail: $6.57  Paid: 80 cents ~ 88% Savings

(1) Ken's Salad Dressing and (2) Stayfree Pads
Retail: $11.07  Paid: 17 cents (SST) ~ 98% Savings

My gosh...I got $30.51 worth of groceries
and only paid 97 cents...amazing!

And now...a moment for some Spring thinking:

I got a delivery today of some gardening supplies!  This entire order was free due to my mother-in-laws wonderful Christmas present to me.  Now I am just waiting for the seeds that I just ordered (which are a Christmas present from my favorite oldest daughter) and then I can get my onion seeds going.  So...there may be a foot of snow on the ground but there is a whole lot of gardening going on in my head!

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