Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Double Coupons at Albertsons

I stayed home today, took a vacation day...the sun is out and the sky is blue and I think I may be battling spring fever.  One of the fun things about staying home during the week...when the hubby is at work and the favorite youngest daughter is at that I can just putter and do my own thing.  Love it!

I have not had time to coupon...and my grocery budget is reflecting that ~ badly.  I am way over budget for February.  It seems like grocery prices have jumped recently.  I cannot believe the price of cheese epecially. 

So with that being said...I thought I had better take advantage of some double coupons that Albertsons has going through today.

Here's what I got:

This was my most expensive transaction...cheese is crazy expensive.  Each 12 count package of string cheese is $6.39.  Right now at Albertsons if you buy get one free plus I had 75 cent off coupon plus I used a double coupon.  The mozzarella cheese (in the center of the picture) normally cost $5.79 (for 8oz)...using a coupon, and a double with the sale price ($3.99)...I got it for $1.99.  The green curry sauce was not on sale and was expensive as well...but I want to try a new recipe and the curry is a necessity. 

With Curry:  Retail:  $36.14    Paid:  $17.56  ~  52% Savings
W/O Curry:  Retail:  $30.35    Paid:  $11.77  ~  62% Savings


My family loves this Bear Creek Pasta and I love adding this yogurt to my steel cut oatmeal in the morning...yum.

Retail:   $10.87    Paid:   98 cents  ~  91% Savings

And finally:

More yogurt and 4 packs of gum.

Retail:   $9.45   Paid:   Zero, Zilch, Nada  ~  100% Savings!

Now it is time to go plant some double ruffled primroses in my planter, move my strawberry plants and do some pruning.  I love unexpected sunny days in February!

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