Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting Back into Couponing

After couponing strongly for a couple of years...I took a break.  Couponing does take a bit of time...and I just haven't had the time to do it...or maybe I just needed a break.  Probably a little of both.  Gardening and preserving food has become much more of an interest to me.  I am loving learning how to can, how to make my own dishwasher tabs...and so many other things.  However, that being said, I decided to coupon during the winter.  By doing so, I can stock up on our toiletries and other necessities for the year.  When gardening gets into full swing...I will stop couponing and devote that time to pulling weeds instead. 

One thing I found...couponing is like riding a bike, once you know never really forget.

Here were my buys for today:

Rite Aid.  Retail:  $6.49each, on sale for $5.00 each
$1.00 off coupons ~ dropping the price to $4.66
Buy 3 ~ save $5.00 (Ups).  My price:  $3.00 each
54% Savings

Rite Aid.  Retail:  $5.99, on sale for $3.99 each
$6.00 off coupons ~ dropping the price to $1.99 each
Buy 4 ~ save $4.00 (Ups).  My price: $.99
84% Savings!

My best deal of the day did not involve any coupons or stores.
I belong to an online group called "Besties" ~ it is like a virtual
garage sale.  One of the members is an avid couponer and decided
to sell off some of her stash.  I picked up 20 packages of disposable razors.
Schick Razors.  Retail $7.99, I paid 75 cents each
91% Savings
Bic Razors.  Retail: $4.49, I paid 75 cents each
83% Savings
Not too shabby for my first day out in a long, long time!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy 16th Birthday Cassidy!

I have been busy and have not blogged...but I miss it and decided I needed to start writing/blogging again.  I don't care if my posts are never read...I just love going through the post and reminiscing. 

This week was a big youngest daughter turned 16.  I think because this is the last "big" birthday party I will really ever throw for my kids...I wanted it to be extra special.

I chose the theme "A Night in Paris" to celebrate her upcoming trip to England and France over spring break.  Cassidy wanted seafood fettuccini, caesar salad, salmon (with homemade pesto) and John's rolls (a very favorite or ours).  She also requested formal attire...and our family and friends did not disappoint!

In the weeks prior to, I made and froze mini cupcakes and regular cupcakes, cake pops and Eiffel Tower sugar cookie cutouts for the dessert bar.

I also decided to make a hot cocoa bar since it is very chilly here.  I made homemade marshmallows...something I have always wanted to do.  They were easy to make and delicious...especially melting in a warm cup of homemade hot cocoa.  This hot cocoa bar was both "kid friendly" and had some stronger spirits that adults could add if desired.  Peppermint sticks, mini chocolate chips, whip cream and Andes mints were all a part of the experience.
It was a successful night...most importantly, Cassidy loved it.  I feel very blessed that so many of our family came to celebrate.  Cassidy was also thrilled her two "other sisters" Jenna and Chelsi came to celebrate with her as well.
For those interested in making the is the recipe.