Monday, May 2, 2011

Double Coupon Days at Albertsons

I love when Albertsons has their double coupon can really stretch your money!

Today was probably not a good day for me to go to Albertsons because I have been fighting a tummy flu and was not in my normal state of mind (calm...which is VERY important when couponing).  Mike and Cassidy went with me so that we could buy 30 yogurts...10 for each of us since Albertsons put a limit on how many one person can buy.

Over all I went to 3 stores and saved about 62%.  I spent $60.36 but received $10.00 in register rewards from Walgreens (which acts as cash on my next visit) and I received a free $5.00 gift certificate from Target.  So ~ I basically spent $45.36 on groceries that would have cost $118.63 if I had paid full retail price.

My best buys...I was able to get Bagel Bites for 19 cents at Albertsons (normally cost 2.79)! At Target I bought 2 John Frieda Hair color foams for 1.99 each (on sale for $11.99) but then got a $5.00 gift I made $1.02 on this purchase!  At Walgreens I got toilet paper, dish soap, razors...and earned $10.00 in register rewards.

I have to be VERY careful now ~ I only have about $68.00 to get through the month with.  I always love a good challenge!

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