Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy, Busy Shopping Day!

I woke up early Saturday morning and kept busy ALL day long.  First on the list...lots of grocery shopping.  In fact, in the last few days I have spent $205.00 of my $250.00 monthly grocery budget.  Yikes.  I splurged on a big chunk of beef...but we are out and this sunny weather we have been having has me craving a steak! 

To date I have spent $205.00.  Full retail would have been $493.20...saving $288.20.  I hope to spend what little I have left and get HUGE savings in the process.

I ordered these from Amazon.  I used free gift cards I earned using "Swag Bucks" and
only paid $2.06 for all four boxes of cereal...combined.

Next up ~ Target.  Full Retail: $40.55, Paid: $15.60 ~ 62% Savings

Franz Outlet Store.  Full Retail...unknown.  Paid: $13.00.  Saved at least 50%

Bartell Drugs had a couple of good deals...I do NOT like couponing at our Lake Stevens Bartell Drugs ~ the checkers are really big coupon snobs.  I always get attitude when I use coupons but I choose to ignore them, after's all about saving my money.  Full Retail: $16.96, Paid $3.56 ~ 79% Savings.

Haggen rocked this week.  I LOVE these Johnsville Chicken Sausage and I was able to pick up each package for $1.50 using a coupon with a sale.  Normally each package cost $4.79...what a great savings!  Full Retail: $69.52, Paid: $26.64 ~ 62% Savings

Rite Aid was my "go-to" place for snacks.  Full Retail: $23.50.  By using coupons and past "UP" rewards...I only paid $5.26 ~ 78% savings.

Everett Cash & Carry had some good prices on basics.  Not shown are the 7 bananas I bought.  That blob of red is a top sirloin that we turned into 7 dinners worth of steaks and 5 dinners worth of fajitas.  Full Retail: $126.07, Paid: $62.02 ~ 51% Savings. 

I did two transactions at Walgreens:  #1 included the (4) Alka Seltzer Plus and the (6) candies (which I got for free using a coupoon)  Full Retail: $32.43, Paid: $9.43 ~ 71% savings BUT I got a $5.00 Register Reward as well which I used on transaction #2.  #2 includes the (2) Head and Shoulder shampoo.  Full Retail: $12.81, Paid: $3.83 ~ 70% Savings.

Safeway had a couple of good deals.  The mustard was buy 1 get one free...and it would have been even a better price if I had remembered to use my darn coupon that I left in my back pocket...ugh!  Full Retail: $33.54,  Paid: $16.82 ~ 50% Savings

Fred Meyers had a good deal on the dog food I use.  Buy 24 ~ get a $3.00 register reward.  Taking that into account along with my (2) $2.00/12 coupons...I dropped the per price from 75 cents to 46 cents.  Full Retail: $26.97,   Paid $22.20 ~ 16% Savings....Plus I received a $3.00 off coupon for my next visit.

Did anyone else get that fantastic Michaels coupon???  It was get $5.00 off a purchase of at least $5.00.  To me that means...FREE!  I was able to get the icing colors for free plus I bought some butter flavoring to get me over the $5.00 mark.  Full Retail: $6.98, Paid: $1.98 ~ 78% Savings.

Thanks for letting me ramble.  I am not going to do anymore big shopping trips this month but I will be keeping my eyes open for some freebies.

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