Monday, February 13, 2012

Yahoo for Albertsons!

What a great week to shop at Albertsons.  I went to two different Albertsons today and used my last 12 double coupons. 

Full Retail: $38.89  Paid: $7.77  ~  80% Savings
PLUS I have one more $1.00 catalina.

  • The Krusteaz pancake mix I made money on.  They were on sale for $2.00 each.  Buy 2 and earn a $1.00 catalina (or register reward that I often mistakenly call them).  I used (2) $1.00 catalinas that I previously earned and used 2 double coupons on them.  So I paid ZERO for them PLUS earned a $1.00 catalina.
  • Next up...the Planters Nutrition bars.  I doubled the $1.00 coupon that I had for each of them...making them 50 cents a piece.  But...I also earned (2) $1.00 catalinas on them.  So they were free...and they taste really really good. 
  • I was able to use one of those $1.00 catalinas to buy the fresh asparagus.  Normally that little bundle of aspargus would cost $4.75 (ROBBERY!) but was on sale for $3.56 (STILL ROBBERY) and I used my catalina and a double bringing the cost down to $1.56.  That is going to go great with my yummy Valentine dinner I am making tomorrow night!
  • I made money on the tuna.  Had a coupon for $1.00/2.  Tuna was on sale for 89 cents each.  I used a double and made 11 cents on each can of tuna;  which I then in turn applied to the buttermik and sour cream that I bought.
It was fast and fun shopping.  It took a little preparation...but I saved 80% in a very little amount of time. 

Let me repeat...lovin Albertsons tonight!

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