Sunday, February 12, 2012

Seattle Flower & Garden Show

Today was a first...I got to go to the Seattle Flower and Garden Show.  Wow ~ if that doesn't make you want to start gardening...nothing will.  I had to laugh at myself because I got the most excited by the various samples of compost and mulch.  I found myself asking the sales reps if I could touch it.  Not even the jewlery vendors could get me that excited.  I went with my mom who LOVED looking at each and every orchid.  She walked away with some great orchids at a great price... I even got one from her! 

I got 6 free packets of seeds, 2 free pansy plants, lettuce start, an orchid (from my mom).  I also picked up a cool self watering multi-layer pot that I think I am going to grow herbs in.  And...there is a mother's day gift that I picked up for a very special mom as well. 

My mom and favorite youngest daughter getting organized ~ matching up what free item/coupon goes with what vendor...God forbid we don't get those free gardening gloves or bracelets!  By the way...does my kid ever wear any other shirt????

Cool idea ~ using a wood pallet to grow herbs and lettuce.  Just tightly secure landscaping material to the back, add some dirt and seeds and a pallet full of food will grow!

Honey~Do list...

Such a cool idea!

Flowers by my front door.  I am not a real fan of primroses but when I was at Sunnyside Nursery I noticed these cool double flowered primroses ~ so cute!  Even better, buy 10 or more and they only costs 99 cents each.  It is starting to look a little like spring now!

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  1. Looks like such fun! I love the wood pallet idea...I think that would work great on a blacony!

    Wish I could have joined you <3