Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shopping, Freebies & Using Leftovers for Dinner

Today was two daughter's and I headed down to the Northgate Mall in Seattle.  It has been years since I have been there.  We were loaded up with gift cards and were intent on finding the best deals possible.  I did pretty good.  At the Bon er Macy's I bought a sweater and a pair of pants that originally cost $64.00 each but by taking advantage of sales and coupons...I paid $11.00 each. Oh yeah!  I also bought a t-shirt at Kohl's for 69 cents by utilizing sales and coupons.  It is really hard to pay full price for clothing and shoes now.

When I got home...I had freebies and money in the mailbox.

I got a sample of Seattles Best a $2.00 coupon.  I received a $1.00 off coupon for some All Laundry detergent and I received a check!

...from Ebates for $27.45!  I only started using Ebates about a month ago and I already earned my first check.  Checks come quarterly.  Ebates is free to use.  I just go through Ebates when I plan on purchasing something online.  If the vendor is associated with Ebates...they give me a percentage of the purchase price back.  It is soooo easy.  Check it out:

Also...I had a $1.00 Safeway catalina in my wallet that was expiring.  I didn't waste that dollar...hahaha.  I found a box of pumpkin bread mix on sale for $1.89 (normally $3.79) and with the catalina ~ I paid 89 cents. 


It's all about using up leftovers and what's in the freezer.  Tonight was eggnog french toast made with some wonderful cinnamon swirl bread that our wonderful aunt brought to Christmas Eve brunch.  I mixed the eggs with leftover eggnog...and yum.  Also served was the turkey bacon that I bought on clearance for 99 cents.  I am getting back into my frugal mindset now that the holiday of spending is over for now!

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