Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Shopping is Done...Now Back to Couponing!!

If I may brag a Christmas shopping is done!  Our Christmas season hits hard and fast around here.  The first week in December starts off with my favorite youngest daughter's birthday.  We took her and a few friends over to Leavenworth, WA to enjoy the Christmas Lighting Ceremony.  I have never been there for this event (though I have been to Leavenworth many, many times).  The streets were FILLED with was crowded but the weather was beautiful and it was a great way to start off the Christmas season.  The next day was dinner out at Red Lobster with my family...there were 15 of us enjoying a wonderful meal together.  Jump to the next weekend, we celebrated my sister's 40th birthday by enjoying happy hour at Scuttlebutt Brewing in Everett on Friday night.  Saturday we hosted the Johnson Christmas party ~ my house was filled with 45 people.  It was the first time, in three years, that we have gotten together for Christmas.  My house was crowded but I think a good time was had by all...I certainly enjoyed myself.  The next day was a cookie fest hosted by my favorite oldest daughter in her own home.  We got to munch on all kinds of yummy was a great way to end a very busy weekend. has slowed down and I am enjoying myself by reading a great book about the Amish.  I have always been a bit fascinated by the Amish and this book is just a treat to read.  If you have some time...check out this book.  There are two other books as well that I am going to read:  "The Amish Cook at Home" and "The Amish Cook's Baking Book. 

I have been able to get some good buys this week...take a look below:

I was in desperate need of stain remover.  For some reason every clothing item I own is spotted up.  Thankfully Rite Aid had a sale on the Shout and I had a couple of coupons.  Retail price for the items above would have been $29.89.  I paid $9.82 PLUS I got a $2.00 UP coupon to use on my next purchase...just like getting free money.  Basically ~ I paid $7.82 for all these items.

I love a good deal on butter and this week Albertson's was the place to get a good deal!  I purchases 10 boxes of hot cocoa, 6 boxes of butter and 8 cans of soup (tomato and chicken noodle).  Retail would have been $67.86...I paid $4.74...oh yeah!!!  How?  Well, with coupons, I got the price down to $21.20 plus I had $6.46 left on one Albertson's free gift card that I earned from my gift card purchases a few weeks ago.  Plus, I used another free $10.00 gift card (a Catalina I earned for purchasing $30.00 worth of product a couple of weeks ago)...bringing my cost down to $4.74.  I put all that butter into a freezer bag and will store it in the freezer until needed.  Wait for a future blog...about how I plan to use all that hot cocoa and tomato soup.

Today I took a little trip to Safeway, on my lunch break, and picked up some rice.  Full retail would have been $10.76.  I paid $2.00 PLUS I got a $1.00 Catalina to use on a future purchase...just like free money!  Normally this rice cost $2.69 each.  They were on sale for $1.50.  I had (4) $1.00 coupons basically bringing the cost down to 50 cents each.  If you take the Catalina into account...these cost me 25 cents a piece.  How much did I make on that lunch break?

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