Friday, December 23, 2011

Fab Brownie Pops, Progressive Snack Bar...and I have been Published!

Today is Christmas Eve, Eve!  My favorite youngest daughter says it is her favorite day of the season.  We order in pizza, pop popcorn and watch Christmas movies.  However...I do not buy that it is really her favorite day...Christmas morning for sure is her favorite.

Last night I had my family over for a bit...for our yearly Progressive Dinner.  Over the years it has gotten less sister participates, we have gone from a progressive dinner to serving snacks at the two houses involved.  It is still fun.  At our house we played 4 games of Bingo...and that is a keeper!  A good time was had by that will become part of the tradition.

I must admit, sadly, that I did not get any pictures of my family participating in the progressive snack fest...but I did take some of the food.  My favorite oldest daughter has often accused me of not taking pictures of my family New Years Resolution is to take more family pics.

First good deal of the day:

I received 24 rolls fo Bounty paper towels from
for $2.79...just over 10 cents a roll!
How? had them on sale for $22.80 but I was able to use a $3.00 coupon plus I got a saving of $3.42 for using their "subscribe and save" option.  This brought the cost down to $17.79 (including tax).  I then used (3) $5.00 gift cards that I earned for free using Swagbucks (see previous post for more information about Swagbucks).  I then paid $2.79 out of my own pocket.  I now have enough paper towels to get me through the next year most likely.  Yahoo!

Now on to my Progressive Snack Fest:

I made some very yummy brownie pops.  Some I left just dipped in white chocolate, some I rolled in crushed candy canes...and some where dipped in sprinkles.  I used some cream cheese to bind the brownie mix together and it really tasted good.  They looked pretty good too!

We had some veggies with ranch dressing, mexican layer dip with chips, german cured meats and cheeses w/ crackers, lil smokies wrapped in crescent dough (not shown) and stuffed potato skins with bacon, ham and cheese (also not shown).  For the sweet tooth we had a variety of chocolates, brownie pops and homemade cookies.  No one left hungry!

Last but not least...I was published in a couponing blog called: CouponConnections.  Her website is:

I was pretty excited to see that she published the great deal I found at Safeway.

Safeway match ups are coming soon, but here is a deal you will not want to miss!
Fun Da Middles on Sale $0.99
$0.75/1 Fun Da-Middles Cupcake Mix, exp. 1/7/12 (GM 11/13/11)
Final Price: $0.24!
Thanks Lynn for sharing the deal!

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