Friday, December 30, 2011

Just Started ~ $250.00 Challenge

The challenge is only spend $250.00 a month during 2012 for food, toiletries and paper goods.  I started this week.  A little early...but so was my paycheck.

It has been fun going to the mailbox this week!  I received my Ebates check for $27.45.  Yesterday I received a $10.00 rebate from the Bon...I mean Macy's and today I received a rebate check for $6.00 from Rite!  This money is going into my grocery fund.

Here is what we have been up to the past couple of days around here (I should have a picture of me sitting on the couch watching tv because that is what I have been doing most of all ~ a decadent waste of time.):

My hubby smoked up the last of the pink/humpy salmon that he and my favorite son-in-law caught in the fall.  They taste primo like this!  Now they are both getting ready for steelhead fishing.

Rite Aid ~ paid 99 cents plus got a $2.00 UP reward.  Full price was $7.49!  I like that I am well stocked with cold remedies...because I feel one coming on :(.

Every once in a while Haggens has a sale worth participating in.  I always have to use my best level of patience...because most of the checkers there are coupon snobs.  I just repeat to more debt, no more debt...and I ignore the checkers.  I paid $22.60 for this...full retail would have been $76.84!  The savings were SO worth the snobby checkers!

Dollar Tree Store in Lake is the place to get tall kitchen bags.  Each box of 18 bags cost a $1.00.  I am going to try their sandwich bags (which cost...take a guess...a $1.00).  Ziploc bags may be better but man they are pricy and are not on sale very often.

Safeway had a "Friday Only" sale.  3 pounds of ground turkey for $5.00.  Normally each pack cost $11.99....I paid $5.00 each.  Love a good deal on meat.  My freezer looks pretty well stocked right now. 

Best deal ever!  I used a $5.00 gift card (which I earned for free from Swagbucks) and paid a total of 4 cents for ALL of these bottles of stain remover.  Just love and Swagbucks.   Normally one of these cost $4.99 per bottle at Rite Aid. 

Happy New Year!

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