Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Safeway, Cracking Crab and Gingerbread Houses

I found a great deal at Safeway:

Fun da-middles cupcake mixes are yummy but normally are expensive.  Safeway had them on sale for 99 cents each (normally $3.99 each).  I had (5) 75 cent coupons.

With coupons I paid $1.20 for all 5 boxes ~ or 24 cents each.  94% Savings!

     Next up...Winco.  I love Winco but they are not the greatest store to use coupons at.
I love going there to stock up on items that I don't have coupons for...I buy lots of
fruits and veggies there.  However, everytime I try to use a coupon...I usually encounter a problem.  Today I used a coupon for $1.00/2 of any King's Hawaiian Rolls.  The coupon beeped and the cashier said sorry and threw my coupon away.  I nicely asked for my coupon back and to talk to the manager (very nicely requested, I promise.)  I try really hard to make sure my coupons are being used appropriately and I could not figure out why this coupon was being rejected.  The manager very casually told the cashier to just override and enter the coupon.  I do not think they train their
cashiers as fully as they should in terms of coupons...but it won't stop me
from shopping there.
Next up?  Cracking crab!  I was very lucky to get freshly caught crab from by brother-in-law who has a commercial crabbing boat.  My absolutely favorite thing is fresh caught/boiled crab.  I got enough to freeze 5 cups worth of crab.  It's a messy job...but well worth it!

                                            Such a pretty, pretty little guy! 

                                        Work station all set up and ready to go.

                                        No crab meat left on these crab shells.

                                        Pure sweet goodness!  Dungeness Crab

And finally...a little holiday cheer:

My favorite youngest daughter decided to create a gingerbread masterpiece!  She thoroughly enjoyed creating this masterpiece even though she got a bit short tempered when her mom tried out all the different candies and frostings.  I am not sure why she was so upset with me...I was just initiating some quality control techniques!

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