Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Albertsons & Swag Bucks

Today I headed to Albertson's to take care of the last 9 double coupons that I had since it ends tonight.  I prayed that I would not see anyone I know since I have declared today a grunge day...meaning, I brushed my teeth and that was about it.  Sometimes I get sick of taking that weird?  Anyway, back to Albertson''s what I got today:

2 bags of chips ~ normally $3.99 each (pd 50 cents each)
1 gallon of milk ~ paid $2.89
3 pounds of butter ~ normally $3.49 each (pd 89 cents each)
5 packages of turkey bacon ~ normally $3.99 each (pd 99 cents each)

3 pounds butter ~ normally $3.49 each (paid 89 cents each)

By using coupons and 3 Albertson's double coupons ...
I paid $2.67...a 74% savings!

I have quite a stock pile of butter; I just wrap it up in a freezer bag and store it in the freezer.  Works great!

WhoNu? Cookies ~ normally $3.19 (pd $1.00 each)

By using coupons and 3 Albertson's double coupons ...
I paid $3.00...a 69% savings!

Overall, on this shopping trip I saved 79%!

Note: Albertsons allows 3 of their double coupons per transaction for a max of 3 transactions per day. for some Swagbucks information.  So far, in about 9 months time,
 I have earned $100.00 in free gift cards just for using 

I search daily to earn free Swagbucks points, I participate in the "Daily Polls" and utilize their "Daily Deals" when they have something I want.  For doing all these things, I earn points.  Points then can be redeemed for gift cards and merchandise; there is a huge assortment of freebies you can earn.  I personally love to purchae the $5.00 gift cards that are 450 points. 

Today I was able to earn 415 Swagbucks by buying a "Daily Deal".  I was able to make a personalized calendar for my dad's birthday.  This was something I was going to give him anyway and by utilizing Swagbucks I saved quite a bit of money and earned almost enough points to get a new $5.00 gift card.  Give it a try...there's hardly any work involved.  Click on the link below:

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