Saturday, December 17, 2011

Poor Man's Mocha

So...remember all that hot cocoa I got super cheap last week?  I use it to make my daily mocha ~ aka a "Poor Man's Mocha".

My favorite weekend coffee cup:

Pour the cocoa packet into the cup:

Pour in some plain ol' our case some Folgers that I paid much less than retail for:


Add a little bit of milk:

Now grab the newspaper, sit on the couch, reflect for the moment that it's the weekend and sip a lucious mocha that cost about 15 cents!  (The going rate for a Starbucks Mocha is about four bucks)!

And...what happens on a work day? My hubby makes me my daily "Poor Man's Mocha" and has my lovely Starbucks reusable cup all ready and waiting for me as we walk out the door to work...just love that man!

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