Sunday, April 10, 2011

Still Going for the Savings!

It has been awhile since I have posted about my couponing adventures.  I am still at it and making great deals on a weekly basis.  I had to re-examine just what I wanted out of this because for the first couple of month I was spending a lot more...but I was getting LOT's more for my money.  But the name of the game was to cut my grocery bill.

April I am budgeting $250.00 for groceries AND toiletries.  That is about $300~$400 less then normal.  I felt I had a good enough stockpile to take on this next challenge.  Since Mike and I get paid just once a month...on the last day of the month, I need to make sure we are covered for the month.  I went out and bought (mostly at Winco) the staples I needed that would get me through the month and then set aside about $20.00 per week to stockpile. 

Here is what I got this past week for $29.98 (plus I received an additions $3.00 in Albertsons Register really got it all for $26.98)~ full retail price would have been $119.88

Paid:      $7.60
Retail:  $26.41

                         Paid:       $4.34
                         Retail:    $15.64



     Paid:       $1.74
     Retail:     $24.62

                                   Paid:      $14.97
                                   Retail:   $36.87

  * I ended up getting $6.00 in Albertsons Register Rewards for this purchase that I used on the next two transactions.  So there was a higher OOP but ultimately saved over 75% over all on all three transactions!


Paid:      $1.33
Retail:   $16.32!

This was a fun purchase.  Not things I would normally buy but was able to get some Easter treats and a couple of People Magazines to share and some Pepsi Skinny for me...for almost free!  Brought a smile to my face for sure!

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