Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yesterday's Couponing Adventure

Yesterday I did my weekly rounds.  I only saved 71% overall but did buy some high ticket items.

On my lunch break I started off at Walgreens.  Had I paid full retail for the items would of cost me $20.45 but I only paid $7.59:

(2) 4-packs of Scott toilet paper (these are some heavy duty rolls ~ $4.19 ea)
(1) 6-pack of Scott paper towels ($5.00 each)
(3) Rolls of scotch tape (1.99 each).  I actually got these all for free and was paid a penny!

Then I went to check Rite Aid ~ but as per usual...they had no stock left so I left empty handed.

Finally my lunch break ended with me buying (4) packages of Sausage Links.  Full retail would have been $15.96 but with a sale matched with a coupon ~ I paid $7.96.  I am always happy if I can get meat for 1/2 price.  This will be served up for our Easter Sunday Brunch (these are not in the picture below).

After work, and our family run/walk, and dinner...Target was next.  This is where I made a killing (I love TARGET).  I bought the following:

(5) Natural Instincts Hair Color for 99 cents each!  HOW?? Well let me tell you how.  This week Target has these on sale for $5.99.  I had (5) $2.00 TARGET coupons for this brand PLUS I had (5) $3.00 MANUFACTURER coupons for this same brand.  So each box I could "stack" two coupons.  Which means that Target allows two coupons to be used for one item if one is a TARGET coupon and one is a MANUFACTURER coupon ~ this technique is known as "stacking".  

I also bought (4) bags of Skittles ~ normally 69 cents but I paid 19 cents each.  Nice Easter treat!

And I also bought an Easter Egg coloring coupon but was on sale for a $1.00 savings.

All total ~ full retail of my Target haul would have been $50.83 but I only paid $9.04 (which includes $1.84 in SST).

I spent my last $9.00 of my monthly food/toiletries budget at Target so now I am done shopping.  However,  I will still keep an eye out for freebies that I can take advantage of.  I will post my monthly totals next week when I get it all figured out.

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