Monday, April 18, 2011

Yippee ~ it is double coupon day at Albertsons!

For the third time in about a month ~ Albertsons is having their double coupon days.  That simple phrase, "double coupon" just makes my heart jump with joy!

Today I made out like a bandit!  Had I paid full retail ~ this 20 minute, 5 transaction shopping trip would have cost me $59.33.  However ~ no longer do I pay full price unless there is no way to avoid doing so. much did I spend?  $10.06!!!

That $10.06 included the following (all items were on sale and I used coupons that were doubled):

3 bags of Kettle Brand Potato Chips ($1.00 each...normally $3.39 each)
2 Wonka Chocolate Bars (29 cents each...normally $2.49 each)
5 Rhodes Frozen Rolls (50 cents each...normally $2.99 each)
2 Tropicana Juices (50 cent each...normally $4.39 each)
1 McCormick BBQ Seasoning (they paid me 50 cents to buy...normally $3.59)
1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($2.99...normally $8.79 each)
1 Nabisco Pretzel Cracker (49 cents...normally $3.39)

I also got 1 dozen eggs ~ for FREE simply by buying the 2 Tropicana Juices.  I also had an Albertsons coupon for a free 16 ounce bag of Albertsons brand frozen I got a free bag of frozen corn.
This is why I keep couponing...a penny saved is a penny earned and today I earned just about $50.00 bucks for my family.  Now I am going to Kohl's to use a $10.00 coupon I was sent to buy Cass a new pair of tennis shoes...which will cost just about what I saved today!

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