Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Did GOOD Today!

During lunch today ~ I decided to head to Staples to get some free printer paper.  How?  Read this excerpt from the "Fabulessly Frugal" website:

FREE Paper at Staples!

March 22, 2011

Buy HP Multipurpose paper in-store at Staples from 3/20 – 3/26, and get it FREE after coupons and rebates.
HP Multipurpose Paper, $5.99 (limit 2)
Use $1/1 printable coupon (Office Supplies category)
Pay OOP $4.99, receive $4.99 back with Easy Rebate
Final price FREE after coupon & rebate

It only took me about 2 minutes to enter the rebate on the Staples website and "ta-da" I have a free ream of printer paper (a check for $4.99 will be sent to me in 4-6 weeks).  I believe that this may be a monthly deal...I see they did the same thing in February.  

Then, when I got home from work, there was a package for me that had been delivered during the day.  Inside was a free Nerf Gun with extra Nerf Bullets ~ yahoo.  I had forgotten about this.  In January Hasbro had a promotion that I took advantage of ~ buy $20.00 worth of toys...get one free!  From the site I was told that Amazon was having clearance prices for several toys...Hasbro brand being one of them.  I was able to buy three toys for just over $20.00 that are currently sitting in my closet waiting for upcoming birthday parties.  I then sent in my receipts, along with my toy choice...and viola ~ I now have another gift in my closet and it cost only the price of a stamp.

I then decided to do the "rounds" in Lake Stevens.  I started out at Target.  I got the following:

ITEM                                                      RETAIL                      MY COST

(3) Excedrin Extra Strength                  $3.74 each               1 cent MM** on each
(1) Dove Men's Deodorant                     $3.99                       99 cents

I paid 96 cents for the items above ~ full retail would have been $15.21!
** means "money maker" ~ I actually earned 1 penny on each box of Excedrin

Next ~ I went to Rite Aid.  I am still trying to get my two boxes of Motrin PM.  They were still out so I walked out of that store empty handed.

Next was Walgreen's.  Here is what I got:

ITEM                                                   RETAIL                        MY COST

(6)Packages Trident Gum                  $1.69 each                    about 15 cents each
(10) Snicker Easter Eggs                   59 cents each               FREE!

I paid 87 cents for the items above ~ full retail would have been $13.64!

So ~ today was a success.  For a few minutes of my time I was able to buy about $45.00 worth of product (includes the paper and Nerf gun) for only $1.83!!!  WOW!

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