Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

Okay...I am going to say it.  It is beginning to look a lot like...Christmas!  Our weather the past two weekends has been so cold, gray and rainy that I feel like I am "hunkering" down for winter.  I am crafting, baking and gaining a big ol' bear that is getting ready for hibernation!  I hear sun is enroute and that by Friday we will hit 80 degrees.  It if doesn't, I may be going after the weather man at King5 News!

Here's what I have been up to this week:

On Friday it was our last day of school here in Lake Stevens.  My favorite youngest daughter decided to have a party...for four hours my house contained SEVENTEEN 14 year olds...yikes.  To make matters worst ~ it poured so those kids were unable to go outside and cook smores.  My little smore basket looked so cute...but it was all for naught!  My hubby was the hero of the night.  He braved the pouring rain to bbq burgers and hotdogs for the kids.  He was soaked!  Oh, the things we do for our kids.

Next up:

I started a quilt.  My favorite oldest daughter's best friend (Jenna) is getting married.  Years ago Jenna asked if I would make her a quilt when she got married...and I said yes.  My little Jenna never forgot and right after she told me she was getting married...she asked if she was getting a quilt for her wedding.  I am not a good quilter but I enjoy trying.  The only quilt I know how to make is a "Log Cabin in a Day" that is what she is getting.  I am crossing my fingers that it works...I seem to pick funky patterns and then pray it all comes together.  I am still praying about this one!

Finally...weeds or flowers?

The debate between my hubby and I is on.  My front yard flower garden started growing a large amount of these...things.  I have argued that they are flowers though I do not remember throwing any seeds in the ground...but I do have a habit of throwing things into the yard to see what happens. My hubby says they are weeds.  Today I saw flower buds...but it could be a fancy weed.  Regardless, I am pulling them out because they are overtaking all the other plants and flowers and they are not contributing much in the way of prettiness.

**Today Albertsons has double coupons in the Sunday paper.

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