Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Get a Kitchen Aid for 1/2 price (or less)!

Here's how I got my AMAZING...
KitchenAid Professional 600 Mixer
for realllllyyyy CHEAP!
Years ago my parents bought me a classic KitchenAid and it was very well used.  Unfortunately it was getting old and starting to give up.  Screws would loosen up, several of the "speed" levels went out so there was no low or high...just a couple levels of medium speed.
I also wanted to start making homemade bread on a regular basis...and my old classic just wasn't up to the task.
That's when I saw an awesome deal at Kohl's...and I suggested to my hubby that he could make me very happy by allowing me to purchase this so he could wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree for me.  I also promised him homemade bread.  He is a very smart man...and was very happy to to have me buy my own Christmas present.  I did draw the line at wrapping it...I made him do that!

Here is the deal I got ~ Normal Retail Price:  $549.99


$449.99 ~ Sales Price
  -89.99 ~ 20% Black Friday Coupon Code
  -70.00 ~ Kohl's Cash (which I turned into $170.00 worth of products)
  -50.00 ~ KitchenAid Rebate
  -24.00 ~ Magazine Refund (see more information below)
  -21.60 ~ Ebates Rebate (see more information below)

Total overall price of my mixer?  $194.40!!!!

**KitchenAid was giving away a two year magazine subscription with purchase...but you could also request a refund of $24.00 instead of getting the magazines...which I opted to do.

**I logged into my Ebates account and then accessed Kohl's so that I was eligible for a Ebates rebate.  Ebates is a great way to make money when shoppoing online.  Learn more by clicking here:  Ebates.

This was the second year in a row that I saw this deal through Kohl's during the holiday season.  It was a great deal...I saved $355.00 by taking advantage of all these opportunities.  The biggest bonus?  I can make a triple batch of bread and NONE of the flour flies out of the bowl. 

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