Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Garlic in the Ground, Tomatoes out of the Ground and Tulip Bulbs Planted

Before the rains invaded the Pacific Northwest...I got 50 cloves of garlic in the ground!  I love the garlic I grew last year and look forward to having some to share next year. 
Silverskin Garlic ~ Silver Rose
I ignored my tomatoes, I didn't water them, they were trampled on while our house was being painted and yet...they still grew for me.  Granted, had they been treated with a bit more love and respect, I would have had a much larger yield ~ but I was pleasantly surprised.  I had enough to can some salsa and put several gallon sized freezer bags full of fresh tomatoes into the freezer to use later to make pizza sauce.
My first attempt at canning salsa turned out well. I used my own grown tomatoes, onions, garlic and jalapeno's for this salsa.  My goal is to make enough next year that I won't
have to buy salsa for an entire year.  Baby steps!
How do you get your hubby to help you garden? him a gardening bit to put on his cordless drill.  It was amazing how enthusiastic he got when I showed him that new toy!
This drill bit made fast work of my 68 tulip bulbs!
My first attempt at braiding garlic...isn't it beautiful!??

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