Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Double Coupons @ Albertsons

Tonight I used the last of my double coupons at Albertsons.  I always dread going...but when I get in my car and realized I paid a faction of the full retail price...I am always glad I took the time to coupon. 

Today I was able to get 10 cans of soup for 15 cents a piece by utilizing a sale, a double coupon and a $2.50 register reward (catalina) I earned.  Normally a can costs $1.29 so it feels good to only pay 15 cents for each can.  I predict a winter full of sloppy joes (using tomato soup).  I was also really excited to get Secret deoderant for only 19 cents a piece!  To think that at one time I would have been happy to pay $2.19 for one. 

Here's what I got tonight:

10 cans of soup, 3 Fuze drinks, 4 boxes of cocoa, 3 Pam sprays, 2 bags of chocolate chips and 4 units of deoderant.  Full Retail ~ $60.22.  I paid ~ $16.01...a savings of 73%.  These are things I needed and was thrilled with the savings.

Rumor is that Albertsons will be having double coupons again next week.  I am hoping to get some great deals on holiday baking supplies.

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