Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fred Meyers ~ Founders Day and Safeway Sales!

Yesterday I spent my lunch break shopping at Safeway.  They were having a special on chips and Sobe ~ for which I happened to have some pretty great coupons for.  Unfortunately you could only use one coupon per customer ~ so I was a customer 5 different times at 3 different stores ~ but I think it was worth it.  Here is what I bought:

10 bags of Kettle Cooked Chips
5 Sierra Mist Pop (I had a coupon that if I bought 2 bags of chips I'd get a 2 Liter Sierra!)
25 Sobe drinks

Retail for this would have been $96.16 but I only paid $23.48 saving myself $72.68 (76%).  I earned quite a bit in that hour of work!

Blurry Pic ~ sorry about that!  

Mike and I then went to Fred Meyers to take advantage of their fantastic "Founders Day" sale.  Here is what we were able to get (some of these items had limits so we both went to take advantage of the sales).

8 cases of Pepsi
8 bags of Beggin Strips (dog treats)
4 Purex detergent
8 Quaker Rice Cakes
2 eye shadows
2 mascara (normally $8.99 each but both were free!)
2 Tillamook Cheese (2# block)
3 packages of bacon bits
5 boxes of brownie mix
1 bag of popcorn kernals

Full retail price would have been $180.67 (approximately ~ Fred Meyers doesn't always put their regular price on the I had to do some guessimating).  I paid $61.28 ~ saving myself $119.39 (66%).  I also used my Fred Meyer card and got triple points which is a nice bonus.

Our Fred Meyer checker was impressed with my coupon use but was very vocal about not being able to be an "EXTREME COUPONER" in this area (Pacific Northwest).  I didn't say much but I was thinking to myself that I think it is pretty impressive that I saved over 60 percent on this Fred Meyer order.  Some might not think this is EXTREME but I sure think it is pretty fantastic.

Currently we have 15 cases of pop and 15 bags of chips stocked up...but I promise I am not hoarding!  My daughter,  Kelsea, is getting married and we are stocking up on these items for her wedding day and her shower.  I have also been taking advantage of the drinks for my daughter (Cassidy) to have during the summer...a seasonal treat for her.  Again ~ I NEVER bought these drinks because I refused to pay full price for them but if I can get them free or very close to it...I will give it a try.

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