Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally ~ an EXTREME Shopping Trip

16 Fuze and 4 Goldfish ~ Paid $6.27

5 Carefree Panitliners and 2 packs of gum ~ paid 45 cents!

2 Gallons of milk and bandaids ~ paid 1.05!  However, I also will be getting a $2.99 rebate for the bandaids.

9 body washes and hairspray ~ paid $1.10!

3 Precise Heat Patches ~ Paid $1.29 (which was the SST)

In one hour I was able to save $103.62 on the items shown in the pictures above.  I went to 5 different stores...and saved over 90 percent on the items above.  How?  Take a look at how I did it.

Albertsons ~ they are having a great sale this week.  On the items above ~ if you buy 10 you save $5.00 automatically.  That meant the Fuze drinks were 50 cents each.  But...I had 5 coupons for $1.00 off 2.  So I got 10 free.  I also had a coupon for 55 cents off the fishes.  So on that order alone I saved $30.23.

Rite Aid (Stop #1) ~ The Carefree pantiliners were on sale for $1.00 but I had 5 coupons for a free they just cost me the sales tax.  I also had two Register Rewards ~ each worth 88 cents.  I found gum on sale for 88 those were free.  I spent 46 cents (SST) on $10.03 worth of product saving $9.57.

Target ~ I bought 9 containers of Nivea body wash.  They were on sale for $2.51 cents.  I had 9 coupons for $3.00 off.  Normally Target adjusts the coupon so that you don't have a coupon overage...but they did not this time.  So ~ I made 49 cents on each bottle I bought.  I also bought some hairspray which I did have coupons for as well.  I was able to apply the overage to both the remaining cost of the hairspray and towards the SST.  The SST was $2.15 but I still only paid $1.10.  The retail cost of this was $32.75 ~ saving $31.65!

Rite Aid (Stop #2) ~ I bought 3 Precise Heat Patches.  These were on sale for $5.00 (normally cost $8.49).  I had $5.00 off I got these for FREE!  I did pay $1.29 for the SST.  Retail was $25.47 so I saved $24.18!

Walgreens ~ I had $9.00 in Register Rewards so I was able to buy two gallons of milk and a box of bandaids for $1.05.  BUT ~ I just sent away for a the bandaid rebate worth $2.99 so this was actually a $1.94 money maker!

I have to say that this shopping experience has reinforced my dedication to couponing.  It is not always easy and I will not always save 90+ percent.  But I love not paying full price for the items we use every day.  Another thing that couponing has done is allowed me to buy and try new items (such as the body wash and heat patches) that I wouldn't have been willing to spend money on in the past.

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