Friday, March 18, 2011

Patience is a Virtue when Couponing!

Today was not my best day of couponing ~ I got some good deals but had some challenges along the way.

At my lunch break today I ran to get a few things at Winco.  I was able to download a great coupon off of the Winco website.  Buy 4 bags of Chex Mix get $4.00 off.  So ~ I bought 4 bags and each one only cost 39 cents.  I am excited to have some healthier chips to snack on.  However, the coupon didn't work and the Manager needed to be called.  I told her that I downloaded the coupon from the Winco Website and she accepted it.  Apparently they have been victims of coupon all us good ones have to pay the price for that.  I just kept calm and appreciated the checkers kind words...she called me a "young lady" ~ Bless her Heart!!

Next ~ I decided to check our Lake Stevens Rite Aid AGAIN to see if they got anymore of the Motrin PM in stock.  Surprise, Surprise ~ they didn't.  I got a rain check.  I also had a $2.00 UP coupon to use since it expires tomorrow.  I found a fingernail polish that was 75% off so it cost $2.00 which I would get free with the UP coupon.  Unfortunately, I did not realize that the 75% off was just for a specific color...that was out of stock, of course!  The checker, a grumpy older man, was not real happy with me.  BUT ~ I was determined to use my UP coupon...that is just like cash and I am not going to throw it away if I don't have to.  After walking aimlessly around, I found a great facial kit that was 50% off so was marked down to $3.99.  I used my UP coupon and got it for $1.99 ~ a 75% savings.  It will go on my gift shelf.  I have lots of gatherings coming up and I know this will come in handy.  But, unfortunately, the whole experience at the Lake Stevens Rite Aid left me feeling almost defeated.  I have decided to go to Everett and to quit shopping at the L.S. Rite Aid ~ I certainly won't miss them and their less than stellar customer service skills and I am sure they won't miss me.  The Everett Rite Aid as always been I will visit them.

Finally I went to Albertsons ~ they are having some good sales this week.  Now before I start this story, please let me note that I always try to be organized, grab the correct items and make sure that my coupons are valid...this makes it easier on me and everyone else.  One thing I forgot to do today?  Look at my receipt before leaving the store...more on this later!  I took advantage of sales and coupons and got $60.92 of groceries for $15.76 ~ again, a 75% savings!  The sale this week is if you bought 10 items of certain advertised specials ~ you would get a $5.00 rebate.  I made sure to buy those correct items.  When I got home, I looked at my receipt...and NO $5.00 rebate.  So ~ back to the store.  Basically, I bought the wrong Mac and Cheese however ~ it was labeled as being the correct Mac and Cheese to was mismarked on an end cap.  Thankfully the checker was very friendly and accommodating and promptly refunded me the $5.00.  

My Cassidy girl is my best supporter ~ she likes to show her friends my stock pile ~ lol!
I must admit that I am feeling a bit down.  I wonder if this is all worth it.  I have to remind myself that I am doing this by choice ~ that I can afford to pay full price if I want.  But what I want more is to be debt free and to have the freedom to travel.  I know it will be a few years until we reach that level...but I have to keep trudging along.  For the most part though ~ I get pretty excited about my stash that I have accumulated and that I paid on average 50 to 75% less than retail.  I just forget the positive sometimes.

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