Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cheap Produce In Everett

Nothing frustrates me more than paying ridiculously high prices for produce.  I just saw a grocery flyer advertising grapes for $4.99 a pound ~ no way am I paying that for grapes!

I love going to Lenny's Evergreen Produce located at: 5317 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98203

This market has a wide variety of produce along with Ukrainian foods.   Here is what I got last week for the low cost of $15.00...

          Napa Cabbage
          Bell Pepper

I thought the price for all this produce was fantastic.  I will use the napa cabbage this week to make Oriental Cabbage Salad with chicken.  We will be having eggplant parmigiana also this week.  I used the limes and cilantro in a huge pot of Posole soup which fed us two meals each and have enough in the freezer for a couple more meals.  The point is that I am making several meals and lots of snack options for $15.00 in produce.

One thing to note is that sometimes you need to pick through the produce to find the best choices.  However, it is well worth the cost.  For example ~ Safeway is selling cilantro for $1.49 a bunch (ridiculous amount) and I bought it here for 50 cents a bunch...a pretty significant savings.


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