Sunday, May 20, 2012

7 weeks since the total knee replacement and every day life gets more back to normal...but I still don't get as much done in a day!  I am working full-time and doing more and more around the house but I am still frustrated that I don't have all my energy back. 

I am going to start couponing tomorrow...Albertson's is having double coupons!  I will post my buys later.

Here's what's been going on in my life lately:

My walla walla onion starts...they didn't get very big but I am
hoping that they still grow in the garden.

My first harvest...4 radishes!  I need to get some more planted. 
I am a bit behind in my gardening.

My hubby and my son-in-law.  We all went up to Lake Riley and they
were able to catch a couple of fish.  I on the other hand planted my
butt in my favorite reclining chair and soaked up all the sun!

Spinach salad tomorrow pretty does this look? 
I need to plant more of this too.

My garlic is looking good.

Here is one of my peonies...they are BEAUTIFUL this year! 
I have two of these in bloom right now and I just love looking at them.

An opportunity too good to pass up.  I had cornstarch on my hands
(from making some shortbread cookies) and my hubby was standing
there...and I just had to cop a feel!

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