Monday, May 28, 2012

Paid $15.04 for $80.65 worth of Groceries!

Happy Memorial Day!  We were lucky enough to spend a couple of nights on Whidby Island.  My hubby and I took our favorite youngest daughter to a drive-in movie...SO MUCH FUN!  The drive-in was in Oak Harbor and was the cutest place.  While waiting we rode go carts and enjoyed munching on 50 cent hotdogs.  We watched Men in Black III.  To be honest with you...I don't care what movie we would have watched...just being there was great and it was a "first" for Cassidy. 

I am slow getting this coupon blog written...but better late then never.  Last week I took advantage of Albertsons double coupons.  After not couponing for almost 8 felt good to get some grocery bargains.  It is very satisfying to pay only $15.04 for $80.65 worth of groceries ~ a 81% savings.  Here's what I bought:

Summer time is coming up...and we love our smores around here.  By utilizing a sale and using double coupons, I paid $2.94 for all 6 bags of marshmallows.  Full price was $13.14...77% savings.

I ran out of I was happy to see shampoo on sale ~ and have a coupon for it.  **There should be 3 candy bars in this picture. 
Retal: $9.83   Paid: $2.47  ~  74% Savings!

Retail: $5.87  Paid: $1.29  ~  78% Savings

and...6 more bags of marshmallows. 
Retail: $13.14  Paid: $2.94  ~  77% Savings

Yahoo...I am stocked back up with Sweet Baby Rays, our family favorite. 
Retail: $27.90  Paid: $3.90  ~  86% Savings!!!!!

I loves these for breakfast...add a piece of fruit and a cup of coffe
and I am good for a few hours.
Retail: $10.77  Paid: $1.50  ~  86% Savings!!!!!

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