Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Harvested Today!

Today is July 30th and I finally harvested from my garden.  Not only that...three tomato plants have small tomatoes on them and my pumpkins & zucchini's are starting to grow.  They are all small...but at least it is something.  This is pretty late to see the small amount of growth but with all the rain and cool is kind of a miracle that anything is growing at all!  Take a look at my garden:

This is the first artichoke of the season to be harvested...I hope I didn't harvest it too soon.  From what I read it should be okay.  I also learned that the artichoke plant is a cool is that!

I also read that when you cut off the artichoke that you should cut back the entire stem.  Eventually you will cut the whole plant down...but I still need to read more about that.

Below are some random pictures of my garden as of today ~ it is looking pretty (though there are many weeds that need to be pulled).

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