Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trying to Catch Up!

My favorite oldest daughter got married this past Friday.  It was a beautiful ceremony...but boy am I glad it is over.  Planning a wedding takes a lot of time.  I have neglected couponing and gardening for the past month.  I am almost thankful for the lousy weather we have had all of spring and most of the summer...because my plants are just now starting to produce.  However, in a few short, my hubby and my favorite youngest daughter are taking a road trip for 10 days which means my oldest daughter has to do some gardening for me even though she just told me "mom...I am not a gardener!"

My Target Savings...getting my game on again!

Jif To Go ~ Retail: $2.39...My price: FREE (I was sent a coupon for a free box)
Up Panty Liners ~ Retail: 89 cents...My price: 14 cents (used a Target Register Coupon)
Zantac ~ Retail: $7.84...My price: 84 cents (I "stacked" a manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon)
Bread & Eggs ~ Retail: $2.81...My price: $1.81
Bagel Bites ~ Retail: $8.67...My price: $3.78

Total Retail:  $22.60                My Price: $6.57             A 71% Savings!

I did some major cutting back of stems and leaves on this zucchini plant.
These are really late...because I planted them so late due to the wet, cold weather.
I have some pumkins...but just barely.  I chopped back some of these stems
as well in hopes of getting more energy to the pumpkin.
A sea of potatoes.  By the time I get home from our road trip,
I will be doing lots of digging in the dirt.
I have some tomatoes but they are few and far between.  Hopefully
we have a month more (at least) of hot weather and sunshine
(a mighty big dream!)
I harvested some lettuce.  It smells a bit bitter but with some well
seasoned taco meat, salsa and sour one will know!

Mr. and Mrs. Kory A...congatulations to the new married couple.
Love you both <3 <3

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