Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's a Garden Blog but I am not Blogging Much...

Jeez ~ where has March gone?  I have been busy...and apparently too busy to blog. 

I spent the past weekend doing my Spring Cleaning...with the help of my favorite youngest daughter.  I must be clear that she only helped in an effort to re-earn her allowance that she had lost earlier due to a lack of participation in her monthly chores.  She did earn it back...she worked her butt off.

This week is all about gardening.  I cleaned 3 out of my 4 veggie patches today and will hopefully get the other one cleaned out on Thursday.

My hubby and I are planning to go to a local farm in Snohomish to pickup a couple of yards of compost to smother our garden beds in...which means Saturday will find me busy with a wheelbarrow and shovel. 

Here is where my garden stands as of today:

Here is my grow operation:  I have (1) 4' grow light that my wonderful hubby built for me and 2 heat mats that are currently under my red pepper starts and tomato starts.

Here are my onions that I planted on February 11th.  I have some Walla Walla's (Territorial Seed) and a Red Bull (Territorial Seed) onion which are supposed to have a longer shelf life.  These are a month old and still looking a bit wimpy.  I am crossing my fingers that I can transplant them in a month. 

This tray has a combination of some Snow Crown Cauliflower, Belstar Hybrid Broccoli and Nero Di Toscana Kale (all are Territorial Seed).  I hope to get these in to the greenhouse to start hardening them up a bit and then get them in the ground in very soon.  (YES!  I have a green house that my hubby bought me for Christmas.  It is 6x8 and I am excited to start utilizing it).  These seeds were planted February 26th.

These are VERY favorite flower.  I always have these growing all summer long in a 3-tier basket next to my front door.  I just love how delicate they look but how tough they really are.  These were planted March 5th.

The front tray are my Miniature Red Bell Peppers (Territorial Seed).  I am hoping that I can actually grow some of these.  We normally don't have a long enough or hot enough summer to satisfy bell peppers.  But these are miniatures and seem to mature faster than the normal sized ones.  These were planted March 5th. 

Next...26 tomatoes!  Types planted:  Abe Lincoln, Big Red, Beefsteak and Roma.  All these seeds are Ferry-Morse except for the Beefsteak which were a freebie from the Northwest Flower & Garden Show...and doesn't say what brand.  These seeds were planted march 19th.

By the way...happy Spring!  I am hearing that Friday and Saturday have sun in the forecast ~ yahoo!

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