Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not blogging...but I am gardening!

I have not been blogging at all.  I have been gardening, crafting, vacationing...but not blogging.  I will also admit to not couponing much at all.  In fact, I just cancelled our newspaper subscription.  So for are some pictures of my garden as of today:


This is my potato bed.  I am growing red and purple potatoes.  In another bed I am also getting some "volunteer" potatoes which are probably russets.  I decided not to grow russet potatoes because I can buy them so cheap around here and I wanted to devote more room for other things.

I grew broccoli this year and was pretty successful.  I have a couple of gallon sized bags of frozen broccoli which I will use in the fall and winter to make soup...yum!  Hopefully I will get a bit more before long.  I will also be putting more seeds in the ground soon so I hope to have more in a few months.

Carrots, lettuce, kale and spinach.  I also had radishes here...but we ate those all gone already!  I want to get more carrots's on my to-do-list.

Nestled in with my broccoli is some cauliflower.  It is looking good!  I have never been successful with cauliflower before but I may have done something right this year.  I have closed the leaves over the head of cauliflower to keep it from burning.  Hopefully we will be eating some in the next week or two.

Nestle next to lettuce and kale is the "volunteer" potatoes and some corn.  I tried to start my corn inside this year...didn't work so good.  The seeds that I put directly in the soil outside are looking good.  This is an indian type corn and will be used for decorating...not eating.

I planted a TON of garlic with hopes of making braided garlic for family members...but that was before my naughty dogs dug most of it up.  I will be harvesting most of the garlic tomorrow...and I hope to have enough for me until next year.  I tried growing this same garlic two years in a row...and I am not to impressed.  I will try something new in the fall.

I have a few tomatoes...but not many.  I hope my plants hurry up ~ I have LOT's of plans for my tomatoes. 

I love this section.  I have peas growing up the fence section and the rest is a variety of pumpkins and zucchini's.

Pretty Peas!

One zucchini...I bet there's more to come!

Getting my second round of strawberries for this season.

My greenhouse rocks!  It has two cucumber plans, 3 containers of basil...

and on the other side of the greenhouse I have jalapeneos, red peppers, yellow peppers and cilantro!  It sounds like salsa in the making!

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